Wedding vows

The month with more weddings has just arrived. All arrangements are finished and it is certainly time to write the wedding vows, one of the most emotional moments that will make the groom and almost all the guests (even the less sensitive) shed a tear or two.

Getting married is a promise of eternal love made before all of those that are close to you. Giving voice and words to what the heart feels is not always an easy task, so I leave you today with some tips, even though there are no perfect formulas.

If you are having a religious ceremony, please find out if the vows are compliant with it. If they are not, don’t give up! Create a moment during the ceremony where you can declare your love to your partner (why not before the cake?).

If you are having a civil ceremony, there is no imposition regarding the vows – you just need to be creative.


A white blank page may intimidate you, but it is essential that your ideas take shape.


If you still cannot make the words to flow, listen to the music that had an impact on your story, go through photographs you have captured… create the atmosphere that allows you to be immersed in your relationship and take notes, a lot of notes.

Be authentic

If you’re not very sentimental, you can choose a romantic funny version. To love is also to like the flaws of the other person and accept them. Why not joking with an amusing situation?

If you’re shy, do not be afraid to blush or stutter. After all, it is your day, and, more than your guests, you’ll have the person that you know better than anyone in front of you.

Revisit the past

Start by reliving your story, from the day you met up until the day you figured out that you were in love, describe what you feel and don’t forget to reinforce the admiration you feel for your life partner.

Be thankful for the present time

The day you desired and planned so much for has finally arrived. Talk about the feeling about the YES, I DO.

Plan the future

The wedding is a new beginning that brings new common goals. Share your dreams for this new life as a couple and offer to always give the best of yourself, even when the storms appear without notice.

Final step

We know that the vows are very personal, so the secret is to declare yourself without fears or shames. Take the time you need, write and rewrite as often as necessary and, most importantly, be true to yourself. You must take to your wedding these words full of truth.


Why not immortalizing your wedding vows on your shoes? The story of Cinderella started with a lost shoe.

How unusual would it be to read the vows from your shoes?