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All about walking in high heels

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Weddings, christenings and summer parties that often last until dawn don’t let your feet rest for a minute. As we want you to use high heels correctly and for several hours, here are some tips.

Short thick heel

If you don’t use high heel shoes regularly, you must choose a thick heel, with up to 5 cm. This way, you’ll ensure that the slope of your feet is reduced and they have the appropriate support when walking.

Platform shoes

If you want to be audacious regarding the size of the heel, you should choose platform shoes. They will provide comfort to your sole and the slope of the feet will be kept to a minimum.

Choose a sandal that provides stability to your feet

Wide strips around the ankle or crossing strips on the instep are a great choice. These stabilise the position of your feet, providing more safety when walking.


Keep your back straight, your shoulders back and imagine that your chin is parallel to the ground. This way, you will contract your abdomen, ensuring the appropriate posture. Avoid looking down.

Learn how to walk

You must step on the floor with the heel first and only then with the tiptoe. When your weight is on the sole, you must slightly lean your body and take the next step. Move your hip and arms simultaneously to help with the balance.

If you aren’t used to high heels, you must reduce the speed when walking. Running or walking hasty may unbalance your body.

PS: Start by training at home barefoot. Choose a flat surface and picture a straight line on the floor. Go through that line on tiptoe – this exercise will strengthen the muscles of your feet and increase your balance.

Learn how to stand

It is important to know how to walk with high heels, but it is also important to know how to stand with the right posture. You must cross your legs, putting one foot ahead of the other, allowing a better distribution of the weight of your body. If you must stand for a long period of time, you must switch the position of your legs.


Choose a shoe that you like and with which you feel comfortable, and go for it – you’ll make a huge success!

When choosing your shoes, ask for the help of the and I wonder shoe advisors – they will be your best friends when it comes to high heels.

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